Nothing Has Changed

We’re back from vacation. I actually enjoyed it and there even was a time when I did not think of you (that much). Towards the end I even felt sad that we had to leave, but the thought of talking to you again soon and eventually seeing you again cheered me up.

On our way home, we stayed a night at your family’s place and while we were there you called them. Not sure if you knew that we would be there as well, but your timing was great. Your mother put the speakers on so we could talk to you a bit. What a nice feeling hearing your voice again!

On the first day back to the usual routine, I logged onto that online game to play a round or two. It’s possible to see which friends are online there at the same time and I saw you. Nothing unusual. Unless we play together on TeamSpeak, we often play that game at the same time, by ourselves. On that day, though, you started to chat with me. A little conversation back and forth. General stuff. But you took the initiative. On purpose? Or just like that?

As you can see…nothing has changed. I still think of you (way too much probably) and I still wonder if what you do means anything more than just the obvious act of you doing it.

And no, I did not send my draft emails to you. I did not want to ruin what we’re having now. It would have been awkward now or when you called your family while we’re there. I still consider having that honest talk with you one day, in person. But I won’t plan it. It will happen whenever it will happen. The right time and moment will present itself eventually. I’ll trust my gut feeling to see when that will be. For now, let’s leave everything the way it is now. Let’s not change a thing.